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By choosing Livecare Support, you can count on a remote support service that has been entirely designed in Italy. You will have access to multi-platform software for Windows and Mac, characterised by a combination of reliability and ease of management. Because it's so easy to use, you can check the status of your servers and PCs at any time, availing of remote access, including from your mobile, and communicating using a built-in audio-video connection. The services listed above are included in the Basic version of Livecare Support. By opting for the Plus version, you can add a remote support session cost calculation system and a range of additional services.

The advantages of livecare support for remote access

Livecare Support was developed with a view to becoming the simplest solution for remotely accessing PCs and machines. Ideal for any company, and capable of satisfying the specific needs of any business.

icona customised access

Constant and customised access

Livecare Support allows you to monitor the status of remote servers and PCs at any time, 24x7. An excellent opportunity to immediately determine the issue and resolve it together, at source, offering new services to your customers.

icona report activities

Automatic report activities

Livecare Support allows you to send a customisable report with the data relating to each individual support service provided to the customer. Information on the session will be sent by e-mail to the contacts specified by you.

icona customisable components

Customisable components

Modify the components however you like, sending the customised versions to your customers or including them on your website. This allows you to offer a customised, unique and efficient support service.

How to use remote access to improve customer support?

Livecare support offers a support session billing service, allowing you to import companies and assign a specific rate plan to each (prepaid, flat rate or pay-per-use). This service makes it possible to generate reports that are indispensable for billing purposes. By choosing the prepaid plan, you have the option of billing customers who cannot take out an annual maintenance contract, for whatever reason, for the remote support service.

Why choose livecare support for your remote support services?

Is your company growing steadily? Do you lose track of the time spent by your help desk on support, or have they notified you of problems providing support to customers? Don't waste any time! Decide today to take your remote support service to the next level! Thanks to Livecare Support, you can offer quality remote support, while at the same time tracking all sessions very simply. Try Livecare Support for free, and prepare to be amazed at its intuitiveness and efficiency!

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